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We are Real Property Report Experts! We offer 3-5 day delivery with fixed rate packages and (we have been told) we have the best looking plans in the city! They are easy for owners and professionals to understand, creating smooth transactions.

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Real Property Reports

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Our team of Geomatics Professionals is dedicated to personal, authentic, and high quality customer experiences. We are the experts that understand that our timing and quality are critical to your success. Third Rock is part of a new generation in Geomatics achieving high speed delivery through revolutionary technology and empowered project management, with your goals as ours.
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Who We Are

Spot the Encroachment - Parallel Fences

Spot the Encroachment - Parallel Fences If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a picture of parallel fences must be worth more. Clearly, there are at least two stories behind this set of fences between neighbours. Surveyors will always pay attention to these situations as there is likely a pre-existing dispute about the location of the property line. [...]

Spot the Encroachment - Overland Drainage

Spot the Encroachment - Overland Drainage Real Property Reports will show the entire property and any Rights-of-Way that affect the subject property. Here is a prime example of why. [...]

How to Spot an Encroachment - Quickly

How to Spot an Encroachment - Quickly Most realtors will purchase the certificate of title and email us a copy when ordering a Real Property Report to prevent errors. We knew within minutes of this Real Property Report being ordered that we would find an encroachment. How did we know? There is a caveat listed on this title that is described as an Encroachment Agreement. This agreement can also be purchased from the Land Titles office. [...]

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