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We are Real Property Report Experts! We offer 3-5 day delivery with fixed rate packages and (we have been told) we have the best looking plans in the city! They are easy for owners and professionals to understand, creating smooth transactions.

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Real Property Reports

Who We Are

Our team of Geomatics Professionals is dedicated to personal, authentic, and high quality customer experiences. We are the experts that understand that our timing and quality are critical to your success. Third Rock is part of a new generation in Geomatics achieving high speed delivery through revolutionary technology and empowered project management, with your goals as ours.
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Who We Are

AC Units and Zero Lot Lines

AC Units and Zero Lot Lines The spaces between houses in zero-lot-line neighbourhoods are typically reserved for maintenance. What happens when someone builds within this space? [...]

The Buyer's Perspective

The Buyer's Perspective I am not a Real Estate Professional, but I suspect this view might be a key selling feature of this home. This snapshot captures a memorable differentiator this listing has over most other properties. [...]

Spot the Bylaw Infraction! Challenge Edition

Spot the Bylaw Infraction! Challenge Edition The attached photos feature a bylaw infraction, but it is most likely not what you think. The side yards on this pie-shaped lot are generous and the house is properly placed within the building envelope. The homeowner has added a pergola (2.62x4.09m) on the deck which is not attached to the house. The lattice adds some privacy screening and poses no problem. Thoughts? [...]

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