Who We Are

We are a team of Land Surveyors and Geomatics Professionals, dedicated to personal, authentic, and high quality customer experiences.

We are a technology enabled team of seasoned pros who thrive in productive environments and know how to get the job done. We will always be a young company free of the burdens of big-corporate overhead and needless restrictions.

We are Canadian, from the Pacific to the Arctic to the Atlantic, forged through years of working in the elements, from +40°C to -55°C in regions across this great country!

At the heart of Third Rock Geomatics is a desire to contribute to the greater good, to give our clients the benefit our decades of experience, and to embrace the adventure of modern technology.

Land Surveyors and Geomatics

Third Rock is part of a new generation in Geomatics achieving high speed delivery through revolutionary technology and empowered project management, with your goals as ours.


The three most important rules for solid Project Management and Delivery are Process, Process, & Process! From your initial contact with the Third Rock Team you will experience a measured approach to consultation, planning, and execution.


Our consultation process will examine the complex demands, life-cycle, and projected outcomes of the project with the client. We will discuss the use of professional services, spatial data technology, and the methods of deployment. Our goal is to gain a clear understanding of the project outcomes and the landscape of the client’s success.


Our team will complete the research associated with market knowledge, current technology, and industry knowledge to establish the most efficient path forward. Budget and timelines will be clearly outlined. Project process will be established and the data will be used in the most efficient way possible to benefit all stakeholders and the project.


Using the established process, our Geomatics team will manage the project from a Geospatial perspective and will provide professional Geomatics services. We will provide resources where suitable and garner resources from current industry to best execute the project. We will maintain process to match budget and timelines.


Mark Sutter

Mark Sutter

Mark Sutter

B.Sc., Alberta Land Surveyor

Mark is the founder of Third Rock Geomatics and has worked extensively across Western Canada. His expertise and Geomatics knowledge combined with his passion for innovation will give enormous strength to your project. Mark has a keen interest in property law and has built relationships across industries with people and groups by pursuing goals methodically and effectively.

Evan McNeil

Evan McNeil

Evan McNeil

CST, Certified Senior Technologist

Evan’s background is in Geomatics Technology and Business Management, which means he is a capable leader of people and tech in the most complex environments. With almost three decades of experience from his military service, through field surveying, CAD/GIS, and corporate leadership, Evan brings a unique blend of knowing How we do it and Why we do it.


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