Geographic Information

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are relational databases which can populate maps, plans, and project visualizations. These can be shared with your internal teams, regulators, stake holders, or the public. We often provide proposed subdivisions in GIS format and drape them over existing terrain and aerial images, so the client can understand how the current options will impact the construction costs and the final outcome. In more complex situations we can layer up municipal, regulatory, and environmental information for a more comprehensive view. How complex is your next project?

Geographic Information


Access to spatial information is often limited to the business center that ordered the work and is using the data. Use of Geomatics technology and an understanding of the industry landscape enables Third Rock to create an adaptive process unique to each project. This process will allow for an efficient and practical use of spatial data across the organization.


Information Management starts with a question, which triggers a search for the right data which could require a simple download, boots on the ground, or satellite data acquisition. Technology empowers your project.

5 Star Review “Reliable. Great customer service. Work was done as requested within the timelines provided. Thank you, for the detailed answers to my questions. And for the professional quality of your completed reports. Thank you, Third Rock”

Taryn Willow, Client

“Splitting my time between the field and office allows me to see that our quality remains high in all aspects of our work, and it helps me remember how much I love land surveying!”

Mark Sutter, Third Rock Founder

“As a profession, Land Surveyors place the greatest amount of importance on public interest. Simply put, we will draw the line precisely where it belongs, without bias for our client or their neighbor.”

Evan McNeil, Third Rock

5 Star Review “Quick and painless to get my Real Property Report updated. Thanks for the great communication and fast turnaround!”

DH, Client

“Land surveyors can spend as much time reading legislation, bylaws, and engineering documents as we spend in front of an instrument in the field or calculating coordinates for a subdivision. We are mathematicians, historians, project managers, advocates, engineers, and even chainsaw operators!”

Mark Sutter, CEO, Third Rock

“One does not drive up to Edmonton. In terms of elevation, Calgary is 400m higher than Edmonton.
Therefore, one drives down to Edmonton and from there, up to Calgary.”

Evan McNeil, Third Rock

Cost Efficiency

The best decisions are made from a place of knowledge. Through our use of Geomatics technology and stakeholder harmonization, Third Rock will bring together an adaptive information system that will inform project’s decision makers. Seeing is knowing. Contact us today to discuss how we can make the best of your next project.

Cost Efficiency
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